Who are we

Who are we

Our starting point

BALCAM origins date back to 2001 when a partnership with a group of small processors artisans, focused on promoting their products in different national and international markets starts.

But it is in 2007 when it was decided to firmly support its development, constituting BALCAM DIAGONAL, specializing in Food Selecta Artisan and Traditional Products company in Spain.


Our philosophy: tradition and quality

We are proud of our traditions. That is why we devote the utmost dedication, effort and rigor in offering the widest range of craft products of our land. And all this with the strongest commitment to quality, service and attention to our customers.

Our mission: rescue the authentic

We want to be an aid to the promotion of all products that are part of our food culture. Those products 'life' that our parents and grandparents made by hand in their own homes. And all this while retaining the ingredients and how to make forever. To keep intact all the flavors, quality and traditions of yesteryear.

Our approach: spanish products

The spanish handicraft products are the legacy of many years of perseverance and effort. They are a clear reflection of each region: its resources, its climate, its shape conservation and culture. They are, in short, a sample of the features and distinguishing characteristics of each of the Peoples of Spain. They are synonymous with quality and tradition.